Testifying in Court: Guidelines and Maxims for the Expert Witness (Paperback)

Testifying in Court: Guidelines and Maxims for the Expert Witness By Stanley L. Brodsky Cover Image

Testifying in Court: Guidelines and Maxims for the Expert Witness (Paperback)


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The third edition of this classic resource provides mental health professionals with simple, practical advice for testifying in court.

In this book, Stan Brodsky maintains his witty, conversational style of teaching while modeling ideal testimony. Short chapters blend humorous anecdotes with accessible guidelines drawn from Brodsky's decades of experience as an expert witness and trainer, and from colleagues in various fields, including medical professionals. Each chapter concludes with a pithy maxim that emphasizes the most important takeaway for readers, making this book an ideal reference that can be consulted just prior to court appearances.

New to this edition are:
  • substantial updates and revisions to existing guidelines and case examples;
  • new and updated topics, including advice for virtual testimony and revised coverage of culture and diversity in forensic evaluations;
  • a clearer organization with chapters grouped by themes such as pretrial preparations, direct examination, and cross-examination, and;
  • an appendix that gathers all the book's maxims together for easy reference.
Stanley L. Brodsky, PhD, is a forensic psychologist and consultant and trainer for forensic evaluations and expert testimony. He has written numerous books and articles about psychology and the law. His 2018 book with Thomas Grisso, The Roots of Modern Psychology and Law: A Narrative History, won the Outstanding Book Award from the American Psychology-Law Society (APLS). Dr. Brodsky received distinguished achievement awards from the APLS and the International Association of Forensic and Correctional Psychology. He was visiting fellow at Harvard Medical School and visiting fellow or professor at universities in Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, and England.
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Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA)
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 299
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